Our Saturday Projects Together

The "Unprofessional" Handymen are Stu and John Ryan, father and son, who enjoy spending most Saturdays doing things together such as working on a variety of household projects and taking a break for lunch.


We thought it would be cool to write down our experiences, thoughts/impressions about how our projects went: what worked, what we would do different, how we got really lucky or unlucky. At the very least, put up some photos…

2023: Dad and I took a peek at this. It's still here!

April 2010 —

4866 Surveyed Pathway
1224 Repaired Kitchen Faucet
5946 Capped an in-floor electrical outlet

March 2010 —

Plumbing Class at Chabot College

November 2009 —

location description
1224 replace the faucet in the master bath

September 2009 —

location description
1224 install a "lock" in the garage rear double-doors

January 2009 —

location description
4865 New romex electrical (replacing knob-and-tube!)

November 2008 —

location description
1224 design and build a new front gate

August & September 2008 — (big projects ;-)

location description
1224 rebuild a 6 foot high, 30 foot long fence
3845 strip and repaint back siding

July 2008 —

location description
1224 next fence post
4866 fix cottage water line leak

June 2008 —

location description
1224 next fence post
1224 Install custom-cut glass shelves in the Swanson Cabinets
1224 re-hang picture
1224 fix toilet
3845 fix exterior light fixture
5946 hang garden hose wheel
5946 install exterior pool-house receptical

May 2008 —

location description
CPC 2008 Career and Leadership Summit
1224 remove one more tree stump!!!
AlCoCol Taking in an A's game

April 2008 —

location description
Santa Cruz Entertain John's Moldovan co-workers at Big Basin and Santa Cruz Beach-Boardwalk
1224 Replace rotten fence posts

March 2008 —

location description
Henry Coe Hike in Henry Coe State Park

February 2008 —

location description
5946 install a computer frame rack in the garage
1224 install dual-pane windows
5946 install a couple 10G IDE drives on Linux box

January 2008 —

location description
1224 finish repair garage - door
1224 hang a scenic picture in the living room
5946 build a DVD case for Diana
1224 refinish cabinets

December 2007 —

location description
apt barricade doorway
4866 prepare for bulk pickup
1224 repair garage doors - kitchen, screen, exit
1224 prune tree(s) & remove debris
5946 prune tree(s) & remove debris
4866 insulate over bedroom

November 2007 —

location description
1224 install casters on cabinets
4866 basement door knob (got lucky)
4865 fix kitchen drain leak
apt entry floor
4866 recover key from wash sink drain
1224 remove tree stumps!!!

October 2007 —

location description
1224 laying sod

September 2007 —

location description
4866 repurposing a room

Backlog: a (more or less fifo) list of things we'd like to do …

location description
1224 replace the patio door
4866 replace sliding glass doors
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